My body has traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cebu at last

After two glorious days in the jungle we made it to our home for the next 6 days, Cebu City.
The population of Cebu City is close to 800,000, almost as much of all of Bohol Island.
Last time we were here we spent 90% of our time in the city so I knew it would be somewhat of an abrupt stop from all the natural beauty of the islands.
But then again Arnis was the whole point of the trip and there alr different things to see and experience in Cebu that are just as significant.
We went from staying in a hut in the jungle to a five star hotel, the Crown Regency Towers. Tallest buildings in Cebu. Quite the change.

View of Cebu from the 9th floor balcony

The only requirement for the first day was registration at Doce Pares Headquarters and then the officials meeting elsewhere where we finally met up with folks we hadn't seen in a while.

3rd floor of the DP headquarters where I fought last time(It's much different at 7PM)
The roof where fights were held as well
After the meeting we took some time to walk around the local streets and experience all the amazing stuff for sale.
Cole was in heaven with the amazing variety of fruits for sale.

The stick in the middle is called a Pinga. A piece of bamboo or rattan with notches on the end for carying baskets, ect. But also a formidible weapon in the hands of KP Bong and one of the weapons taught in his system.
Bong bargaining for Rolex watches.
Final price? $5
Puppies for Sale!!!

So, these working girls were giving Cole the wink, wink, smile and a wave. Had to get their picture.
Bonsai for sale
The most sweet pineapple ever
Jackfruit. Not as bad as durian (more on that later) but not the best smelling. It's much better dried.

Friday, August 15, 2008


We headed out of Bohol in the morning for the beach resorts of nearby Panglao Island. Just a small island really. Not at all developed except for some big resorts on the beaches.

And what glorious beaches they are!

You could see the reef not too far off so Cole and his total lack of fear when in the water went free diving and had just way too much fun. Almost more than the tarsier.

Ted and Mary were staying one night on the beach so we abused ourselves of their accomodations and beach before we had to rush off to the pier for our 1PM ferry back to Cebu.

True to form in the PI, since gas prices are now around $6 a gallon for diesel, they cancelled 1/2 their schedules while we were in the jungle and we had to wait around until 4:45 for the last ferry.

May as well have lunch on one of the nearby floating restuarants.

It was pretty good but questionable food as several of us got sick. I'm swearing by the Pepto Cole and I took before everymeal. We never once got sick and yes, I was overly anal about it but fortune favors the prepared. I'm not going through 3 weeks of hot flashes again.
We got back into Cebu around 8PM utterly exhausted but thrilled from the past two days.
Having spent almost all my time in Cebu last trip, I knew what was coming next.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Definitely the high point so far for Cole.

The Philippine Tarsier is only found on Bohol and and is considered one of if not the smallest primate in the world, as well as a threatened and protected species.

Note the innocuousjug in Bong's hand. Coconut wine, the local moonshine. I guess if it can be fermented someone will do it. Picked up from a local shack. Not terrible but does have a very earthy flavor. From what I can gather it is made by tapping the coconut on the tree similar to maple syrup.

We actually ran into a couple at the Nuts Huts from Wisconsin of all places. They were in their third month in SE Asia. She showed us pictures of the 6" spider in their room. I headed back alone to our room just a bit paranoid in the extreme dark. Feeling kinda silly searching the room when I got back.

It was only about 4" across but hanging from the bathroom ceiling was enough to freak me out. Good thing I was exhausted or I would have never slept.
Another beautiful morning on the river.

Rice harvesting
Two elderly gentlemen out for a leisulrely morning stroll. Nothing out of the ordinary? Note the large blades on their hips. The one of the left has a large Karit.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

News Break

We interupt you from the current slide show for a short new flash.
The local Holland Sentinel did a nice peice in today's paper.

Not a bad article. It did incorectly state that I won a Gold (it was silver). Not surprising because in the interview we barely talked about how I did.

That and I don't think I stated Mushtaq was in his late 60's but you know the media always adds ten years. Neither of our quotes were totally accurate but it's news reporting.
All in all not a bad piece.
We had them come out and film quite a bit of video to put on their site but for some reason it's not posted.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate hills are often billed as the 8th wonder of the World.

Formed of 1268 cone shaped hills of undetermined origin. Theories are limestone erosion (part of the reason there is no airport), volcanism and seafloor uplift.

Rain moved in shortly after we got there but no surprise, it's the rainy season.

It still couldn't diminish the splendor.

Bobbe, I'm sure you can do a better job than me with the caption for this.

Manmade Forest of Mahogany planted to protect from Typhoons

The hanging bridge nearby. Bit of a tourist trap but fun nonetheless.

Riverboat dinner cruise up to the falls

Yep, we did it all on this trip. After we took too long at some places it was cutting it close to make it to see the tarsiers in time.

The drivers decided to take a shortcut through more rural area. Big mistake, the road was washed out due to a landslide.

12 people in a front wheel drive van in the mud? We pushed it over the first hill but the next was even worse.

I'm sure Randy could have done it.
You can take the boy of the farm but you can't get the mud off his feet.

We ran into some locals butchering a hog. The simple Pinutes they had made incredibly quick work of that hog. Try as we might, they would not sell them.