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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Seattle and Bobbe!

Since we were on the West Coast anyway, my wife graciously agreed to a detour through Seattle on the way back to spend three days with Bobbe.
After a very brief fretful wait in the terminal for Bobbe and Jason, Bobbe found out people usually wait for rides outside, not inside (thanks Jason).
When we originally planned this trip, Bobbe was handcuff free (unemployed). But someone was fooled and hired him before too long or at least they don't read his blog.
Nonetheless, we made plenty of plans that night over a delicious Pasta prepared by Gary.
Bobbe would bring us with to him to work ("bring your escrimador to work day" has a nice ring to it), and would magnanimously provide us with the keys to his Bentley.
Of course we had done no research on Seattle beyond the place where they throw fish and the needle in the (sk)eye.

Here, as I understand it, is the most common view of Seattle for most of the year, WET.

Actually, it only rained for one day but we had spent the previous week in SF wearing shorts and drinking iced coffee from Peet's Coffee

The obligatory picture of Pike's market fish mongers. You know, for all the marketing hype, we both thought the place would be much bigger.

We did quite enjoy strolling the market and you could spend a fair amount of time shopping. We were pretty well shopped out by SF but still managed to drop some cash.

Then we found the Seattle Aquarium. If I'm on vacation you can always talk me into visiting an aquarium. I've kept fish longer than I've done martial Arts, in fact met my first training partner Dave through aquariums (another story). Even had 6 tanks going at one time, down to just Koi now.

News Flash!!! The Aquarium is world class. Built over one of the piers on the waterfront, this place is fantastic. Inside and outside displays.

Naturally we had to visit the Needle. Everyone in Seattle agreed even they did it once.

And the view was worth it.

We also visited the Science Fiction Museum at Bobbe's insistence. "You may find out you're more of a SF geek than you realize". Yep, he was right. Unfortunately they also don't allow pictures. A nice feature I found was if you want to remember the movie or book, you could email yourself at a kiosk and they have a website of lists.
So unfortunately, the only pic I have is from the Needle. Great place. Even Roberta was entertained (worried about that).

There was also some interesting evening play times with Bobbe in his garage (excepting maybe the soundtrack). Bobbe's students are an eclectic group of miscreants (must be Bobbe's scent that attracts them or something) and Bobbe is giving them some great instruction. Very welcoming bunch too. I hadn't planned to show any Navadisha but Bobbe sorta put me on the spot. I had no idea of their skill levels or breadth of experience (significant I found later) so I'm sure it wasn't exactly earth moving. But then Navadisha really only has one goal and it ain't to impress, rather "don't get dead , (by the big sword)".

Since we were having so much fun training, I completely forgot about the camera. I do have one video but it's not for public consumption.
I don't even have the obligatory "I was here and trained at the feet of the master/guro" picture. Bobbe has it but seems to be withholding that gem.

Now this being a trip with Bobbe, make no mistake there was also some serious culinary exploits involved as well. Bobbe managed to hook me on White Owl instant Thai coffee too, bastard. Can't get it here but found a passable substitute and it comes in handy when you're running late like Bobbe.
Chinatown at 11PM is especially magical. And that squirrel I saw out way past his bedtime? Nope, not a squirrel. Yes, they do feed the rats quite well there.
The Malay Satay Hut was ginormously delicious as well. I told Bobbe, just pick a page and I'll try everything on it. Glorious!

On the last day it was gorgeous out and I heard it remarked that it was one of only 80 days a year when some of the distant mountains are visible

Friday, December 28, 2007

Balinese dance Mask

Seems Bobbe and I have an affininty for Balinese masks as well. Of course mine is bigger but he does have all those Garudas.

This particular mask was one of the first items I purchased when I finally got my first bachelor place, those many years ago.

Friday, December 21, 2007


One of the first Arts I ever learned was Hapkido.
My friend was a BB in TKD and I wanted to learn BAD.
He wanted to practice his Hapkido. To do this he needed an Uke(partner). Would I be willing? Whatever you want, teach me TKD.
Fortunately, being a good Uke required learning what he's doing on you. Yes, as the Uke you need to cooperate some, not to make them look good (it was only us two anyway) but so that you didn't get hurt. Too much work finding new throwing dummies.
So I got to learn some pretty good basics, manipulations, throws ect. Alot of it is still in my basic self defense stuff.
And I always new what my buddy was teaching me was pretty good stuff. His teachers were pretty learned Koreans, Lee H. Park and Hee Yung Kim most notably.
Back then all I really knew was what he taught me and a few pics he showed me. There weren't really videos available, ect.

Later, I found him an Aikido school and first he joined, I joined later.
I still remember when the teacher, Dave Rodrigues (a very good teacher), wanted my friend to demonstrate for him the difference in application from one Art to the other. Really wanted him to do the technique so he could feel it.
So, do you see what's coming? My buddy asked him three times "are you ready?" Yes, yes, yes.
That's right, the teacher ended with a badly broken hand .
My guess is, rather than just be a good Uke, he couldn't help but try to use his Aikido at the same time.

I always just kinda new my buddy was really good but never had any comparisons. I have however seen some bad Hapkido over the years.

Well now there's Youtube and it occurred to me to look today.

This guy rocks (the Uke's are really working it though). Age be damned.

But yeah, it looks just like I remember it (plus some techniques I didn't learn).

thanks Dave

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bobbe's Other Xmas Present

If you read Bobbe's blog, then you're more than familiar with his "Asian Chick Fetish"

This will send him over the edge.

My gift to you Bobbe....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If you've seen the glamour Pics on Todd's site, I thought I would share the additional photo of Bobbe that was uncovered through the freedom to embarrass act.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fear Less

Gavin Debecker has a book I didn't know about. How could this happen?
If you've read his Best Seller's The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift, then I don't need to explain any further.
If not, well hurry the hell up.
The Gift of Fear is to me one of the most brilliant books ever written.
You know that guy you worked with that always gave you the creeps. Yeah, it's explained. The stalker, explained. Why the hair rises up on the back of your neck, explained.
All in easy to understand language. Get the Audio book, read by Debecker himself, even better.
The bottom line is your intuition (Fear). It's always right and it's always got your best interest in mind. You've spent your whole life developing it and then society convinces you to ignore it.
In the followup, Protecting the Gift, Debecker goes more in depth on the subject of preparing and protecting your Family, especially Children and teenagers.
Now I see he has "Fear Less" published in 2002 and I didn't know it.
It appears it was probably rushed to press after 9/11 but is still a very valid book. In the two previous books there were chapters on the media and their obsession of fear that made people think they just had to stay tuned and couldn't do without their programs.
Key words like "Possible Links", Shocking New Details", "As Many As", "Fomer employees" are explained and you start to see a pathetic pattern with network news.
Read this and I dare you to be able to watch any TV news show for very long after.

For a taste from the new book go to :


Quick one today

When someone's character is not clear to you, look at that person's friends - Japanese Proverb

You know who you are