My body has traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved

Friday, January 30, 2009


I love these commercials

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Varsity win and Fall (pin)

Cole got pulled up to Varsity again Saturday for a 6 team meet.
In his very first match he logged is first varsity win, and with a pin as well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Tums Bear

After the digestive issues of last week, this was even funnier to me. As an update, it turns out I must have really pulled some abdominal muscles from tossing. Didn't stop hurting for 4 days.

Gotta admire the skill of his trainer too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundry weekend-the trails are open

Took Friday off from work to have an early weekend and get in some riding. We got 4-6" of snow Wed-Thursday so I was itching to get on the trails. We went out for a late ride Thursday and they weren't too bad. No real base packed down but since this was the only Friday Roberta will have off in a while, I couldn't see waiting. After a leisurely morning with breakfast out we hit the trails. We hoped the water pit from Thursday night was gone but it wasn't. No going south. I had driven the edge of it Thursday night (almost getting sucked in) and it was easily 2' deep. They say they've never had water there so it's been a strange winter. You can take a chance by hitting it really moving but why bother. This is just 100' south of where we pick it up so we just went northeast and eventually looped back. Seems we got on right after the groomers because we had smooth riding for quite a ways and then found this:

We stopped awhile to help the groomers make the ramp over the tree and mark it till someone can come cut it up. You don't want to find that going 50mph.

After we passed the groomer the rest of the trail was pretty rough as it had never been groomed yet. Eventually the body has had enough so we headed home. That's when things actually got rough.

It all started innocently enough with an upset stomach brought on by the lack of lunch and the rough riding I thought. So hey, just have a lazy afternoon and take it easy.

By the time dinner rolled around it was easily one of the worst upset stomachs I'd had in years!

By 8PM the first wave of nausea came and then the stomach bloating. I'm talking enough bloating to raise a sunken battleship here. Gawdawful stuff. Like I can't ever remember. High School chemistry experiment gone nuclear awful.

So the balance of my day off and the rest of the night consisted of waiting for the nausea to subside enough to have the gumption to sit up (horizontal was the only position that didn't feel like my stomach was being removed by aliens) and then belching 3-4 times like a fog horn on the river Styx. I could then lapse into a stupor of psuedosleep for 5 mins before the pain woke me again and I laid for another 15mins whilst the bloating built up.

Mercifully ( I think) around 5AM the nausea got bored and it was time to heave.

Now I haven't hurled in over 8 years, I just don't do it thankfully.

Apparently my digestion decided I had some to make up for. We're talking Pinatubo size stuff here. Freaked out the dogs with the exorcist voices I was making.

But, at least the nausea was gone and I could sleep for a few hours.

But wait, oh there's more. The subsiding of the bloating revealed abdominal muscle pain of enough magnitude to make me dare not move let alone stand up. And yes, centered around the lower right side.

So, now 24hrs (and thankfully a full night's sleep later) it's either Appendicitis or I had the stomach flu and merely strained some abdominal muscles with my herculean hurling. Symptoms are the same. We'll just have to wait and see if the muscles get better by tomorrow or it's off to the medical establishment.

Missed Cole's wrestling tournament Sat. as a result too and wouldn't you know it, he took 3rd place. This was a 13 school individual invitational so there was an easy 20 guys in his weight class and he only lost one match buy 1 point in overtime. Good job for him in his first year ever.

Kristen even got pics on Thursday of the four deer that visited the yard. We've seen track for years but this was the first time actually seeing any physically in the yard.

And the snow?

Watched it out the window all day yesterday coming down. I have no idea how much more came down but it's enough to make it hard for the kids to even plow a trail with the sled(had to take a break from writing this to pull Kristen out of the snowbank, real easy with muscle strains).
Me? I don't know if it had anything to do with my illness, but I want no part of a snowmobile for a while now, despite how good the powder is.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's quote tag

Many of you may recall a few years back, blog tag was popular.
You would answer the interesting questions of a list on your blog and then “tag” other blogs to go take the quiz and blog your results.
All very fun and interesting

One of my favorite all time quotes came to mind the other day and I thought it would be a nice twist on the blog tags.
So if you’re tagged (or if you want to post a comment), what’s your favorite movie quote that describes last year or describes a momentous event from last year personally.

Mine? “We really shook the pillars of heaven, didn't we, Wang?” from “Big trouble in Little China”.
Take a look, I had forgotten how many good ones there were.

The event? Taking Cole to WEKAF Worlds in the PI.

This would make a good blog header, wouldn't it?

And yours?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday Night Fights

The Dojang had a few fighters in the latest local arena event and I was invited to come along and corner.
Free admission? I'm there. I love coaching and the a lot of fighters end up lacking when it comes to the mental aspect.We went 1 for 2.
Steve Smith won his fight in convincing fashion and now moves to 2 and 1. Both wins coming on a quit on the part of the other fighter. Steve's punching power is just not something they've experienced before. Last night he added what might now be considered his signature technique, the spinning backfist. Perfectly set up and executed the whole way. Turns out is opponent was 9 and 0 but after Steve hit him with a few good right hooks all he wanted to do was clinch. Steve waited out the submission attempts, reversed position and started to rain down hard from the guard and the other guy verbally tapped. Very good showing that got some attention. Opponent said he'd never been hit that hard.

All I've got is pics from after as I was cornering.

Here's an entertaining match in the "massive" weight class.

Ray Lopez had a rematch/grudge match with a former opponent and this in many people's minds was the fight of the night. Going the distance of all three rounds, Ray ultimately lost a judges decision. In the third round Ray landed one helluva straight left that rocked his opponent and royally broke his nose. Lotta blood just like their first fight. Against the Ring Doc's advice the guy elected to continue and held on by taking Ray down again to finish the round. Ray showed fantastic hand power and speed and good presence on the ground where his opponent constantly took the fight and tried to cause damage which Ray avoided. Ray showed good improvement in his ground defence. Now we need a little time to improve his guard and his takedown sprawl. I know the winner won't be breathing well for a long time nor walking too well for a while let alone entering the ring. Ray, on the otherhand, had really had little damage. I think ray inflicted the most damage but his opponent got in alot of ground and pound which the judges liked.

Nice left here at 0:18

The main event of the night, while brief, was also quite entertaining. The corner of the fighter in the white trunk conspicuously paraded around some championship belt he won in Vegas. Well, he was quickly submitted by nasty armbar here in seconds. He was hurting and didn't get up for a while.

All in all a very good time.