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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday Night Cagefight

We took a few of the guys from Cole's MMA class to the fights Saturday night. This was new promoter so we were unsure how it was run and it's doubtful the guys will fight for him again.
not a very well run event. Many mismatches, security with attitudes and alot of drama outside of the cage. Our guys did pretty well winning in very short order.
Got Cole in as a trainer as well. figured it would either scare him or prepare him for later.
It sure didn't scare him. He loved it. Getting to walk the lane with the fighter, be in the corner, ect.
So, here's some action.

Blood early on

Great Thai kicks from Steve!

A quick one for Ray. This was a serious mismatch and Ray even respectfully tried to talk the guy out of fighting. The guy was out from one punch before he hit the ground. It looks like he was fine but The ref did right by stopping it before it got worse. Ray's next shot would have been brutal.
He'll be defending that belt in 3 weeks.

This one surprised me. The taller fighter looked great in the prefight warmup and I expected good stuff. Well, one lucky shot behind the ear ended that.

And resulted in this:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chicago weekend

Yeah, it was great weekend, you could say that.

Guys gathered from 6 states. Lots of sticks and lots more sharp pointy things.

Eye candy!

The idea here was to get as many cuts as you could out of the same bottle by cutting it with precision before all the water drained.

It's hard to see but if you look close in the 2nd one you can see the spray.

Thanks to all for the fun.

Top signs it's Monday

** Top Ten Signs it's Monday **
10. Yesterday was Tuesday and tomorrow is Sunday... at least
that is what you are thinking.
9. The President looks hungover as he issues his weekly apology
to the nation.
8. Another knee-slapping cartoon of that darn Garfield saying
"I hate Monday!"
7. You're happy to go to work in order to get some rest.
6. In your current opinion five days is a long time.
5. You break down into a sobbing mess on the floor because
there was no coffee left in the pot when you got to work.
4. You are half way to work before you realize you have been
listening to "Rev. Carl's Bible Hour" on your car radio.
3. You've already planned several thousand ways to avoid
actually doing work until Friday.
2. Husband begins warming up TV for Monday Night Football at
6 A.M. and carefully positioning snacks at strategic locations
around the living room.
1. The solid rain for the past two days has stopped, leaving
a beautiful, sunny day.

Friday, May 8, 2009