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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great 80's advertising

Funny 80's Ad: You And Your Johnson - Watch more Funny Videos

World Champions

So yeah yeah, Mariah won another one (OK two)? Blah blah.

Sorry, just kidding!! That's phenomenal!! But seriously, was there any doubt? Not with Dad training her on the side.

So congratulations Mariah!! But Mariah, just so you don't forget where you started, does this bring back any memories?

WEKAF World's 2006, DisneyWorld Florida.

Our family spent pretty much the entire trip hanging out with the Moore's and just having the time of our lives.

Which brings me to my new hero Randy Moore.

I started late in WEKAF, I think I was 34 at the time, starting out fighting 18yr olds. For double stick they never had a senior division until '06 and I was so broken by then I couldn't fight anyway so I always fighting young guys.

But Randy started when already over 40!

AND wins Gold and Silver. My hats off to you Randy (and a feeble thanks for making me feel really old).