My body has traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hey! Merry Christmas

And this is for those of you who don't observe it, :-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

snow update

How much? 16.5" packed down on the back of the car.

So probably around 20" fell in 36 hours. Not bad. Only plowed the driveway 5 times in 2 days.

I mean, it's not like we live in Buffalo or something!

When I moved out here 10 years ago it was in a bit of a rush.
When I would unload the trailer some stuff was determined could go next to the driveway.
On the final day of moving it started snowing, and snowing, and snowing.

Snowed for 9 of the next 11 days. Some stuff didn't get found for months, LOL

this comes close.

Goodbye Saturday, hello bleachers

Wrestling season kicked off Weds. night. This means so long to Weds. nights and Saturdays spent in bleachers. Hamilton plans a pretty stiff series of tournaments for Saturdays, Weds being conference dual meets but the Saturdays don't count other than to prepare the guys for the end of the season runs for individual and team State tournaments.

Cole has a good chance at going to state and also at winning his weight for Conference. At least that's one of the personal goals he set. 6-0 for the season so far.
One of the team goals he helped set was winning the Gene Kraai tournament held this past Saturday. That's one down!, They've come in close the past two years so it was nice to see.

Undefeated Hawkeyes from Saturday.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

snowy day

Winter seemed to start Weds with a decent little snowstorm. Lots of idiots hitting the streets (and ditches). Welcome back to the same state you've always lived in morons. You've lived here all your life but have no memory it seems prior to March. Sigh.

I'll do something here against principle, bitch on my blog.

All summer long I call my H3 Hummer the Inverse Time Machine (That's as snappy as I get when annoyed). No matter the fact that I'm going the speed limit and usually above, no matter what the speedo of the moron behind me says, they must be going much, much slower (some sort of time space quicksand surrounding H3's). Because invariably, they just have to pass me, ASAP. Something about being near an H3 changes their perceptions or something. And it's not just my driving. Many many passengers will attest to the idiots.

So, now that mine is the superior vehicle on the roads,
"hurry up or get the eff off the roads!"

I've had to endure your tailgating, ect all summer. Now that the seasons have turned and I have a vehicle purposeful for winter I guess it's my turn to drive like a dick, right? No, I don't but I sure have no problem leaving them behind.

Headed out to Mushtaq's this morning in the latest lake effect snow storm and immediately decided to turn around. Not because the going was too rough, because of all the morons who just had to be on the roads headed to Church at 30mph (no comment on their misguided attitudes and self-righteousness).

Ah well, what're you gonna do?

It did turn out to be a rather pretty day though.

All told around 8", 6" in the first 4 hours.

(UPDATE, another 5-6" over night, LOL)

The Koi are all tucked in cozy in their beds.