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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Football banquet

End of the season banquet was last week. Talk about the team, ect and the awards they won (which aren't out for a few more weeks though). Cole's up for Academic All State, exceeds all the qualifiers and he's the only one on the team so.....

One of the nice things they gave them besides a scrapbook is a disc of pictures the official sideline photog takes. I tried to take some during the year but my camera didn't cost $1000.

Textbook tackle I'd say.

"there was this linebacker, and he was really big see, and....."

"Soon as you get that ball, I'm gonna put a hurtin' on you!"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thank a Native American Day

Hope you enjoy your Holiday and don't forget the origins of the day.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ortho update

Saw the ortho. Turns out fortunately it wasn't dislocated (despite what the coaches and trainers thought).
Knee is completely stable and fine. Dr. could not find any unstability or cause any pain. Based on Cole's condition in the office, no way it could have been actually dislocated, as major trauma and ligament damage would have resulted and would have still been causing lots of pain and swelling.
Most likely cause was a "hypermobile minuscus".
Meaning the minuscus has " a lack of normal meniscocapsular attachments" in the back of the knee. This can allow the minuscus to bulge out of the knee capsule, thereby causing the knee to lock and not move, as like a dislocation. This is especially caused by deep knee squats or kneeling.
Hypermobile Minuscus or The Wrisberg varient occurs in around less than 1% of the population depending on what studies you review.
According to the Dr. it just happens and there's not much that can be done about it other than to avoid the deep squats. Not too sure that's enough of an advice just yet.
We are getting an MRI of the knee on Sunday just to confirm that it really is the case. Dr. really didn't want to, oh well.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Demo time

A former coworker I still stay in contact with now does martial arts and is also a pack leader for his local cub scouts. Asked if I would be willing to come in and give them a demo to help expose the kids to new stuff. Sure why not. You never know and it's for good fun.
Cole was coming along to assist but 2hrs before we were scheduled to leave, he dislocated his knee in wrestling practice. More on that after we see the Ortho. Never dull with that boy.

Soo change of plans and more solo demo- ing and my freind had to stand in.

Rather funny beginning. Starting out you can never tell the audience and they were a fairly rambunctious group when I started asking for questions.
But never fear, as soon as a pulled a Cold Steel Barung from the scabbard, I had complete, undivided silent attention!

" See the guy with the camera?' World Champion!
"No way, are you lying to us?" LOLZ

This btw, was a showing of INcorrect, not correct examples. We we want to blend and NOT be there instead (see next pic). This was also a nice segway to the general rule of "I don't want to fight you" and "don't be there".

Now I got your attention!

See, it's just a gardening tool.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

12 months

Last week marked twelve months since my most recent (hah) surgery for my shoulder.

The surgeon advised it would be a minimum of 12 months before I could be back doing any sports with normal function and ability. And that would be for a normal recovery on a patient who hadn't developed many adaptive irregularities over the past decade (hah again).

I'd have to say I'm at about 85%. I've been very careful to rehab properly for the long haul. I've said all along the reason I did all this now over the past 4 years is i still want to be kicking ass when I finally get old (hah thrice).

I've tried a few times over the summer to push things and test my recovery, even comtemplated fighting in the PIG tournament. Sparring Cole squashed that (or he was just that fast).

But mostly periodic test cutting of bottles and vegetables.

A few have scoffed at this but training in an art that prefers sharp, long pointy things and only uses sticks for stand-ins, I've found the cutting to be a great training too. Lets you know if your motions/edge are correct, what is really in that power swing, where you end up under speed/stress, how you move with combinations while travelling distance, ect.

It also let me know during the summer how my recovery was progressing.

Some cutting earlier this summer gave me pretty dismal feedback. Vertical cuts weren't bad but horizontal was poor. So I also adjusted my rehab.

Ultimately, we had lots of fun last week! Especially before it gets too cold.

For some reason, Chris has an affinity for short blades.

So, based on this one I feel pretty good