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Friday, March 11, 2011

State wrestling

The largest High School tournament in the United States, 896 wrestlers over three days.

Sorry it's taken me a week to post results but it's been a tough weekend to put in persective.

Cole came back for his first quarterfinal match on Friday and had a tough opponent and a tough break.

Midway through the first period his opponent shot for a takedown, Cole stuffed it and dropped to spin around. His jaw caught on his opponents hip as he was coming up and it ended up dislocated.

Naturally he had to forfeit the match. No saying how it would have ended. He was holding his own but the guy did end up taking 2nd eventually (after giving one of Cole's friends a concussion).

Here at 1:27

The sports Docs got it to go back in eventually and cleared him to wrestle later.

We all left it to him, no one would expect him to continue or expect any more from him.
His reply? "I have to".

Unbeleivably he came back just 3hrs later and wrestled very hard and very smart. The guy had a good takedown shot but Cole had great defense and strategy. I don't say this much but I'm not too thrilled with the refereeing either. Twice or more Cole had a takedown all but done and he stopped them as out. Another time he was finishing a takedown and the guy called break and gave the other guy a takedown. Not really.

He tied it up right at the end of the third round by getting the guy called for stalling.

Watching the overtime round I don't think he was 100% recovered from the dislocation and the guy snuck in a takedown and just like that, the weekend's wrestling is over and the HS wrestling career is over.

Loosing your third match in overtime, I don't think you can be any closer to medaling and yet not place.
Pretty tough pill to swollow after working so hard and enduring so much during the season.
one broken nose (two last year)
level one shoulder separation
minicus slipped 3 times in practice (it feels like a dislocation)
dislocated jaw
cauliflower ear (which we got drained Tuesday)
and probably more he never mentioned.

Final record 44-10, ranked as high as 5th in the state.

March of Champions at the beginning of tournament

But some others who have put it in perspective had some wisdom to share.
No one makes it to the State finals in just their third year of wrestling
('cept world champion stickfighters one former teammate mentioned, he wrestles in college on a scholarship now btw).
It just isn't done.
The good friend he made during the season who he beat pretty well twice this year had been wrestling for 14 years. You just don't make it to State in such a short time.
And the only wrestlers who wouldn't want to trade places with him (at State) are those who placed 1st through 8th. All the other guys who have been wrestling for years that didn't make it would love to have the opportunity just to be there.
So yeah, a pretty good senior season. Setting a goal a year ago and making it come true through everything that happened. Doing what it took and staying true to the goal when others gave up or took an easier road.

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